Saturday, July 10, 2010


I'm currently experiencing VERY SKETCHY internet service right now. (Meaning I broke the Internet at my parents' house and am now paying the price). So...that would be why I haven't been updating. And why I won't be updating for the next few days. I would have thought that the lack of internet would reduce me to a nervous, leaky mess somewhat like this:

But actually it's kind of given me the chance to experience Real Life and go frolicking through meadows in breezy peasant dresses. As people are wont to do. BUT! I am not just a bearer of bad news. I also bring good news: Soon to be posted will be a review of Eoin Colfer's adorable and adventuresome Middle Grade book Half-Moon Investigations and Sharon Shinn's equally adventuresome YA/Adult novel Summers at Castle Auburn. Which, incidentally, I had to ORDER SPECIALLY because it's, um, no longer in print or something. (What! I know, I don't get it. THE NINETIES WERE NOT THAT LONG AGO, YOU GUYS!!! C'est la vie).


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