Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NaNoWriMo: Day 10

Day 10 Stats

Words Written: 1689

Total Words:

Sentence of the Da
y: “Niamh,” he said again, but this time his tone was softer. “I am a thief and a liar; there is nothing noble about that.”

Notes: Things continue to go well. I am extremely pleased. For some reason I always end up writing my daily goal just before midnight. Perhaps it is partly that pressure that keeps me writing quickly as opposed to taking a sweet three hours to contemplate each new sentence.

Do you write more under pressure, or do the words flow easier when you've got a clear schedule and lots of time?


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  1. Oh wow, 17, 871 words! Congrats. :) Are you ever going to put up little excerpts from your novel? It sounds interesting. :D

    I'm not doing NaNo but whenever I have to write essays or short stories, I know that I write a lot more under pressure. It seems that I get more creative under pressure...