Saturday, November 6, 2010

NaNoWriMo: Day 6

Day 6 Stats

Words Written: 1210

Total Words:

Sentence of the Day:
I felt as a candle flame in the night, surrounded by a small halo of golden warmth, a saving light in the dark.

Ohhh boy. I've changed my mind again. Now, apparently, I have chosen to finish my NaNo from last year. I know. I know. This is no bueno. And is like, against the "rules" of NaNo probably. But the first time I tried NaNo, I was so strict on myself that I felt guilty even counting the first hundred-some words I'd written before November. If I started over several days into it, anything I'd written before couldn't count towards my monthly goal.

Well. Let me tell you, it's such a crappy feeling when you're policing yourself (because of the Panopticon, amirite?) and feeling guilty about something that is supposed to be a fun exercise in creativity. This year, I am making NaNo suit my needs. If it's just to write 50,000 words of three different novels during November so be it. (I am *not* deleting those 8,000 words from the story I started with). If it's to finish last year's NaNo novel, that's cool, too. In fact, it's better for me: this might be self-defeating talk, but I don't really think I could've finished the novel I started for this year's NaNo. This way, I at least have a much better chance of having a completed novel by the end of November as opposed to two incomplete ones. Which is kind of what NaNo is about anyway: finishing a novel so that you are not one of those "some day" novelists.

This is my Rule-Breakin' REBELFACE.


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  1. I love the rebelface! :D Red lipstick, black/emo hoodie... :) Congrats on getting so far!