Rating Scale

I rate books on a scale of 1-5. The higher the number, the better the book! 

1: This book is bad. You should probably avoid it at all costs. 

2: This book is not good. Read at your own risk.

3: This book is good. You won't regret the time spent, but probably won't re-read it.

4: This book is great. Well-written and memorable, this one's a keeper.

5: This book is superior! You will give it a special cozy and half the bed.


When I rate a book, I generally take into account things like: character development, plot, style, originality, how much I enjoyed it, whether I would read it again, and how memorable it was.

What kind of books do I read and review? 

I generally read Young Adult books. My favorite genres are urban fantasy, contemporary, and high fantasy. I like it if there is at least some element of romance, too. Occasionally I will make the foray into Middle Grade and Adult.